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The 9th pattern in Tae Kwon Do is Choong-Moo. Choong-Moo is the hyung (pattern) required for advancement from 2nd Gup Red Belt to 1st Gup Red Belt with Black Stripe in the International TaeKwon-Do Association. You "Yell" (YAH) on the first and last movement of Choong-Moo.
ITF Tuls - General Choi Hong Hi Legacy Series DooDahDog; 26 videos; ... Play all Share. Loading... Save. Sign in to YouTube. Sign in. Saju Jirugi ... Choong-Moo Tul ...

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CHOONG-MOO Movements - 30 Ready Posture - PARALLEL READY STANCE 1. Move the left foot to B forming a right L-stance toward B while executing a twin knife-hand block. 2. Move the right foot to B forming a right walking stance toward B while executing a high front strike to B with the right knife-hand and bring the left back hand in front of the ...
Choong Moo (Slow, Facing Front) Choong Moo (Slow, Facing Back) Choong Moo (Normal) Pattern Choong Moo Tul Choong-Moo was the name given to the great Admiral Yi Sun Sin of the Yi Dynasty. He was reputed to have invented the first armoured battleship (Kobukson) in 1592, which was the precursor of the present day submarine.

Meaning of Pattern: Choong Jang is the pseudonym given to General Kim Duk Ryang who lived during the Yi Dynasty (15th Century). This pattern ends with a left-hand attack to symbolize the tragedy of his death at 27 in prison before he was able to reach full maturity.
Choong-Moo is an ITF-style teul (form) named after the great Admiral Yi Soon-Sin of Korea's Yi... File history Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time. You-Tube Pattern Vids by J. Suska V Click on the links below to see the colour belt patterns performed by J. Suska V. Considerably more pleasing to the eye than watching me! Chon Ji

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VIDEOS My YouTube Channel SAJU-JIRUGI SAJU-MAKGI CHON-JI DAN-GUN DO-SAN WON-HYO YUL-GOK JOON-GUN TOI-GYE HWA-RANG CHOONG-MOO KWANG-GAE PO-EUN GE-BAEK 3 STEP SPARRING 2 Step Sparring 1 Step Sparring Active Tiger Grading Syllabus First TKD Grading Requirements Choong moo (form) video. Fabio. YouTube Video; Info about "Choong moo (form) video" Choong moo is a Taekwondo 30-movements form (hyeong). Choong moo (Chung mu) is the name given to the great Admiral Yi Sun-sin of the Yi Dynasty. Choong Moo (Slow, Facing Front) Choong Moo (Slow, Facing Back) Choong Moo (Normal)